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Vaginoplasty: Procedure Details, Techniques, Benefits

The vagina is a transfer channel composed of muscle and connective tissue.
Vaginoplasty: Procedure Details, Techniques, Benefits

The vagina is a transfer channel composed of muscle and connective tissue. Among the most well-known tasks are the realization of sexual intercourse, normal birth, and discharge of menstrual blood. Vaginal tightening surgeries are performed to relieve the complaints caused by the enlargement of the vagina.Surgical vaginal tightening operations are also known as “vaginoplasty”, “surgical vaginal rejuvenation”, or “colporrhaphy operation”, and they are considered in routine gynecological operations.

What causes vaginal enlargement?

Vagina may enlarge due to births, especially poor collagen tissue, forced births, pregnancy, smoking, old age, menopause, collagen tissue diseases, and estrogen deficiency. Enlarged or loose vagina can have a reduced sensitivity during sexual intercourses. In these cases, vaginal tightening surgeries may be necessary. Vaginal tightening can be done by surgical methods or by laser, radiofrequency which areenergy-based non-surgical applications.

Vaginoplasty Surgical Techniques

Vaginoplasty operations can be performed by different techniques, and named according to the region where they are performed. These are:

  • Anterior colporrhaphy (tightening of the anterior vaginal wall)
  • Posterior colporrhaphy (tightening of the posterior vaginal wall)
  • Lateral colporrhaphy (tightening of the lateral vaginal walls)

The most commonly preferred method is the “posterior colporrhaphy” (posterior vaginal wall narrowing) technique. Posterior colporrhaphy is often performed simultaneously with perineoplasty and is called “Colpoperineoplasty” or “Vaginoperineoplasty”. Sometimes several walls can be tightened at the same session.

How is vaginal tightening surgery performed?

The preoperative vaginal entrance can be evaluated simply by ‘finger measurement’. In order not to be misleading, the patient must be first relieved with suggestions, involuntary contractions are eliminated, and the measurement is carried out later. Afterward, the operation area is disinfected with iodinated solutions on the gynecologic examination table and covered with sterile drapes. In operation, starting from the entrance of the vagina and entering the vagina, the excess tissue is removed in the form of a rhombus (diamond shape),the separated muscles are re-approximated to each other, and the repair is completed.

Simultaneously with vaginal tightening surgery, episiotomy scars are also repaired, which is called a “perineoplasty” operation.

In our clinics, the entire vaginal canal is tightened, not partial. 

Which anesthesia method is used?

Vaginal tightening surgeries can be performed in the clinic or hospital. Local anesthesia, sedation anesthesia, spinal anesthesia, epidural anesthesia, or general anesthesia can be performed. For this, the patient's general health status, desires, and the size of the operation area are taken into account.

How long does vaginoplasty surgery take?

On average, it takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Which technique is used for surgical vaginal rejuvenation?

The vagina is a tube-shaped fibromuscular canal 8-9 cm long, consisting of muscular and connective tissue. In classical posterior wall vaginal narrowing, after an incision starting from the outside of the vagina and advancing 7-8 cm inward from the hymen along a vertical line, mucosal dissection is performed on both sides.

After this dissection, the vaginal mucosa is cut in a rhombic shape and removed, then the “rectovaginal fascia” (sheath of the vaginal muscle) is repaired.

In another technique, tissue dissection is performed after a horizontal incision is made into the vagina, and then the fascia and muscle are repaired without removing the mucosal tissue.

If there is a problem of bowel prolapse, known as “rectocele”, the levator muscles are brought closer together with sutures, and fascia (muscle sheath) defects are repaired. However, muscle approximation may not be necessary for the surgical vaginal rejuvenation unless rectocele exists.

How is the postoperative period in surgical vaginal rejuvenation?

It is possible to return to normal business life 5-7 days after the operation. Activities such as heavy sports, exercise, and heavy lifting should be avoided for a month. The sexual avoidance is 1.5 months.

How much does the vaginoplasty surgery narrow the vagina?

The amount of tissue to be removed in vaginoplasty surgeries is adjusted according to the enlargement of the vagina. The greater the vaginal enlargement, the more the removed tissue and the narrowing will be.

In vaginoplasty performed in our clinic, the vagina is narrowed at the maximum level lengthwise and transversely. These surgeries are also known as “complete surgical vaginal tightening” or “complete vaginoplasty”.

Vaginoplasty operation costs in Turkey

The prices of vaginoplasty operations are quite reasonable compared to Europe and USA. The costs of vaginal tightening surgery in Turkey varies according to the extent of the surgery, the anesthesia method applied, and the doctor or center operating. Fees may also vary in vaginal tightening surgeries performed in a clinic or hospital. For this reason, it will be beneficial for you to talk to the clinic/center in Turkey about vaginal tightening surgery fees prior to operation.



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Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’
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