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Eserdağ Barbie Vagina Aesthetics

'Barbie vagina' or 'Barbie doll vagina' is first coined by the Los Angeles society.
Eserdağ Barbie Vagina Aesthetics

'Barbie vagina' or 'Barbie doll vagina' is first coined by the Los Angeles society. It described the maximum shortening of the inner lips in labiaplasty and was first mentioned by Dr.RedAlinsod in the world of cosmetic gynecology. Afterward, it spread rapidly all over the world like a fashion trend.

What is Barbie vagina aesthetics, and what does it cover?

Barbie vagina aesthetics, which is the most preferred appearance by patients in labiaplasty surgeries, aims to minimize the inner lips as much as possible and make the remaining inner lip structures completely covered by the outer lips. Thus, no excess or sagging tissue will be visible when viewed from the outside.

As the first practitioner in our country of this concept, which has started to be preferred frequently in the genital aesthetic community, we have added several different features to this technique.

What is Eserdag Barbie aesthetic? Which procedures does it involve?

Eserdag Barbie aesthetic involves a series of combined operations. Especially in some cases, labiaplasty surgery can give a better appearance by filling the bigger(outer) genital lips and removing the collapses and wrinkles. Thus, it will be possible to obtain a straight line in the middle called the "Venus Line".

The features of the 'Eserdag Barbie aesthetic' technique, which is also mentioned in medical books, are as follows:

(1) Inner lips are shortened as much as possible (Maximum reduction)
(2) With the Eserdag technique, excess skin folds on the clitoris are removed with reverse Y-plasty. In addition, this area is slightly hung up to remove the sagging above the clitoris (Clitoral hoodoplasty operation).
(3) The fat taken from the person is injected into the big lips. This procedure can also be done with hyaluronic acid filling if there is insufficient fat tissue in the abdomen or leg areas.

Venus line: The sexiest look

The longitudinal straight line between the big lips when the legs are closed is the "Venus line". Venus line is also known as “Venus rift”, “Venus split”, and “Venus cleft”. The general expectation of patients applying for Barbie vagina aesthetics is the appearance of this venus line, which is located between the bigger (outer) genital lips and provides the sexiest appearance. However, it may not be easy to achieve this appearance in some cases, especially if there is much loss of fat tissue in the outer lips.

Venus line (Venus cleft) and Eserdag Barbie appearance were obtained two months after labiaplasty surgery. The patient underwent labiaplasty, hoodoplasty, and fat transfer.

What is the purpose of Eserdağ Barbie vagina aesthetics?

The purpose of Barbie vagina aesthetics is the absence of any excess tissue protruding when the person is standing or sitting, legs are closed, and there is only a thin, sexy line called the 'venus cleft' in the middle. The level of satisfaction in this appearance, which is frequently desired by patients, especially in recent years, is quite high.

Clitoral hoodoplasty is important in Barbie aesthetics!

In many patients, when only labiaplasty is performed, and the skin trimming over the clitoris area is not performed, the protrusion of the clitoris area manifests itself obviously, and this situation can be aesthetically disturbing. For this reason, one of the most important parts of labiaplasty surgeries is trimming the clitoral hood area, which we recommend to be performed simultaneously, that is, the 'clitoral hoodoplasty' operation.

Clitoral hoodoplasty operations require more experience and techniques than labiaplasty operations. The inverted Y-plasty (reverse Y plasty) technique, which entered the literature under the name of Dr. Eserdag, is preferred in the correction operations on the supra-clitoral area and Barbie aesthetics that we apply in our clinic. Thanks to this technique, clitoral skin which hangs down over time, can also be lifted up slightly.

Does clitoral hoodoplasty (clitoral skin reduction) negatively affect sexuality?

No. Removal of excess skin tissue on the clitoris does not adversely affect sexual pleasure and orgasm. In fact, according to our own experiences since the beginning of the 2000s, removing the excess skin in this area has a positive effect on sexuality by causing an increase in the clitoris stimulation. On the other hand, the increase in self-confidence increases concentration during sexual intercourse and increases pleasure.

What is the Eserdag Barbie vaginal aesthetic fee? Labiaplasty in Turkey

Eserdağ Barbie vaginal aesthetic fees vary according to the operation's type, size, and anesthesia method. Labiaplasty operations in Turkey can be performed in a hospital or clinic. It will be beneficial to contact the clinic in Istanbul / Turkey for fees, applications, and examination appointment information. Direct Whatsapp tell nr: +90 530 763 34 00


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Assoc. Prof. Süleyman Eserdağ, MDAssoc. Prof. Süleyman Eserdağ, MDCosmetic Gynecologist & Sexual Therapist
Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’
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