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General Informations About Female Genital Aesthetic Operations

General Informations About Female Genital Aesthetic Operations

The interests of women with their genital areas, the social meanings they attribute to this region, and the genital practices carried out in the historical process started with the “Pharaoh period” and have continued until today. Traditional genital decorations, dyeing, tattoos, piercing-like jewelry, procedures performed to reduce or enlarge tissues, and operations such as genital circumcision are just some of these applications.

Are female genital aesthetic operations increasing?

When we come to the present day, significantly since the early 2000s, the widespread use of the internet, the increase in the sharing of pornographic videos and images, the rapidly developing social media culture, the increase in our social interest in visuality and our visual 'comparison race’ have increased the interest in aesthetic genital operations.

Barbie Look Vagina

The increase in the habit of genital epilation, which is traditional in Islamic countries, in western societies over the years, and the disappearance of vulvar camouflage in women, as a result, caused the visual appearance of the genital area to come to the fore. "Barbie" toys produced for girls were idealized for female genital aesthetics, leading to the development of the concept of "Barbie vagina aesthetics".

In barbie look vagina, many women want their labia minora (internal labiums) not to be protruding outside the labia majora (external labiums). Small and neat genital labiums became popular in western society firstly, and this habit transferred to the different locations of the globe.

Barbie Look Vagina

Barbie Look Vagina.

What is 'Designer Vagina'?

Associating bad marriages with sexuality, the increase in couples' expectations in sexual intercourse, the desire of women to feel better psychologically and sexually, and the increase in anti-aging treatments, in general, are among the reasons patients prefer "designer vagina" operations. The term designer vagina is used to mean "well-designed vagina" or "fashionable vagina".

The development of correct surgical techniques, different surgical suture material options, the comfort provided by various anesthesia methods, the courses given by physicians who have improved themselves in this field, and some associations are among the other important factors that enable the art of aesthetic genital surgery to develop.

'Brazilian Waxing' and 'Hollywood Waxing'

The widespread use of genital wax in western societies, which is a religious necessity in Muslim societies, has increased the importance of the genital area by removing the 'vulvar camouflage' of women. On the other hand, the emergence of genital fashion trends in 'Brazilian waxing' or 'Hollywood waxing' in western society is an important sign of the increasing interest in vulva look. The fashion of removing hair from the genital area, described as Brazilian wax and Hollywood wax, can be different.

Brazilian wax and Hollywood wax

Female genital wax types:Brazilian wax and Hollywood wax”.

Should genital aesthetic operations be performed?

Concerns such as 'Is genital plastic surgery necessary, should it be done, have medical requirements, or will it cause permanent medical damage by causing mutilation in the female genitals', have been primarily frequently mentioned by organizations such as ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists),RCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists),SOGC (Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada),FDA (Food and Drug Administration),and feminist organizations that think that it will turn women into a sexual object.

However, despite all the criticism, Pandora's box has been opened once, and genital aesthetic operations have entered a rapidly increasing trend in almost all regions of the world with the intense demands of the patients.

However, genital aesthetic operations, which are not included in plastic surgery specialization and obstetrics and gynecology residency programs, had brought many complications and malpractice when they were tried to be applied by physicians who did not receive special training in this field only with personal foresight.

Who should perform aesthetic genital surgeries? Gynecologists or plastic surgeons?

Genital plastic surgeries are most often performed by gynecologists and plastic surgeons. Obstetrics and gynecologists' knowledge of genital anatomy gives them advantages. However, we should state that not all gynecologists work on genital aesthetics and that gynecologists working in this field should have knowledge of the basic principles of plastic and aesthetic surgery as well as general surgery principles.

Your physician who perform the genital aesthetic surgery to you, should have;

  • Training on the principles of aesthetic surgery, different genital aesthetic operation techniques, energy-based treatments such as laser, radiofrequency, and regenerative applications,
  • Experience on surgicaln and non-surgical procedures of aesthetic gynecology,
  • Have knowledge on sexology and sexual dysfunctions.

Genital Aesthetic Terminology

The word aesthetics comes from the ancient Greek word 'aisthetikos'. It carries meanings such as aesthetic, sensitive, emotional, related to the sense of perception. It is used synonymously with 'cosmetic'.

Genital aesthetic operations include some surgical and non-surgical procedures and are called by different names:

  • Vulvovaginal Plastic Surgery
  • Genitoplasty
  • Cosmetic Gynecology
  • Cosmetic Plastic Gynecology
  • Female Cosmetic Plastic Genital Surgery
  • Aesthetic Genital Surgery
  • Genital Beautification

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Although the term 'vaginal rejuvenation' is used for vaginal renewing by vaginoplasty (surgical vaginal tightening) and perineoplasty (perineal reconstruction),the exact limits of this term have not been defined.

In general, vaginal rejuvenation is seen as an 'umbrella term' that includes all aesthetic and functional procedures performed for the optimal correction and repair of the vagina and its adjacent organs. In addition, we should warn that the term vaginal rejuvenation is registered.

Genital Aesthetic Surgeries and Plastic Surgery Field

Plastic surgery is a specialization on the human body in the fields of;

  • Alteration
  • Restoration
  • Reconstruction

It includes cosmetic and reconstructive surgery categories. Reconstruction aims at the functional restructuring of congenital or acquired defects, while cosmetic (=aesthetic) aims to beautify the appearance.

The word plastic is derived from the Greek word 'plastikē' and means 'to reshape'. For example, 'labiaplasty' means genital lip aesthetics, 'vaginoplasty' means reconstructive surgery of anterior and posterior walls of vagina, and 'hymenoplasty' means repair and reconstruction of hymen.

Aesthetic surgery covers the most significant part of plastic surgery, and plastic surgery also includes different subsections such as burn surgery, craniofacial surgery, microsurgery, hand surgery, and pediatric plastic surgery. Especially in recent years, the interest of plastic surgeons in genital aesthetic operations has been increasing.

It is important for plastic surgeons who want to deal with genital aesthetics to receive female genital anatomy and physiology training.

Cosmetic Gynecology

Genital aesthetic surgery is also known as "cosmetic gynecology" and accepted as a subdivision of obstetrics and gynecology. Genital aesthetic procedures are also known as “cosmetic gynecological operations” and are included in the field of “cosmetic gynecology”.

The gynecologist's knowledge of the anatomy and physiology on genital region, their experience in operations such as Bartholin cyst removal, episiotomy (birth incision) repair, colporrhaphy, perineoplasty, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse surgeries provide them some advantages. However, it is also important for gynecologists considering working in this field to know basic aesthetic surgery principles and sexology.

Cosmetic Gynecologist

Gynecology has different branches, such as IVF and infertility, oncology, perinatology, menopause, aesthetic and functional gynecology, and sexual medicine etc. Cosmetic gynecologist is a doctor who is mostly dedicated to cosmetic gynecology.

Cosmetic gynecologists have been trained and well-experienced on surgical and non-surgical procedures of aesthetic gynecology. But the number of the well-trained cosmetic gynecologists are not so many in Europe.

Satisfaction Rate In Cosmetic Genital Operations

Aesthetic and functional procedures related to the genital area in women include a series of surgical and non-surgical operations. The results are also very satisfactory when the correct surgical procedures related to genital aesthetics are applied in the right patient group. So, the most important thing for the satisfaction is to find a well-experienced cosmetic gynecologist for your surgery.


In this section, you will find some of the hands-on aesthetic genital surgery (cosmetic gynecology) courses, trainings and meetings given by Assoc. Prof. Süleyman Eserdağ.

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Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’
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