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Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’

Vaginismus Treatment Methods

Vaginismus Treatment Methods

In the light of scientific vaginismus treatment methods, it is now possible to reach a solution in 3-5 days. Treatment methods should be individual. Methods are shaped according to the degree, level, reason of the vaginismus and comfort of the patient. Vaginismus treatment methods vary depending on the level of problem and degree of disease.

What are vaginismus treatment methods?

Treatment methods should be individual. Methods are shaped according to the degree, level, reason of the vaginismus and comfort of the patient. As Hera Clinic, these are the steps of vaginismus treatment methods:

1- At first, detailed history is taken about patient’s previous life, family structure, duration of vaginismus problem, relation with her partner, first night fears, sexual traumas etc. in vaginismus problem.

2- Then, a simple gynecological evaluation is done. Gynecological evaluation is informative about hymen and genital region. It also allows to determine the severity of disease and to choose the appropriate treatment method. It is only a simple visual examination for 1 minute and there is no pain.

3- If there is an anatomical obstacle, they are quickly and easily taken care of under mild anesthesia. If there is no problem in the hymen, it is ensured that vaginismus is not a physical problem but a psychological problem and thus treatment process start.

4- The most successful and permanent method, which is cognitive and behavioral treatment methods, is initiated among vaginismus treatment methods.

5- If necessary, supportive methods such as Acupuncture, EMDR, Hypnosis, Botox injection, NLP are also included in the treatment. Treatment of every patient is different.

6- In the majority of patients, the result is achieved in 3 days but the period is extended to 4-5 days in severe patients.

Cognitive and behavioral treatments among vaginismus treatment methods

Among the methods of vaginismus treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy methods are frequently applied all over the world as a gold standard.

Providing accurate information about sexual intercourse, first night and the hymen, and clearing the minds from wrong, taboo and missing sexual information are among the cognitive treatment. It is also involved in cognitive therapies for women and men to learn information about their genital organs, the structure of hymen and vagina and penis.

Vaginismus exercises

Among the most common behavioral sexual treatments known as ‘vaginismus exercises’, there are finger exercises, kegel exercises, mirror exercises, touching exercises and vaginal dilator exercises. Vaginismus exercises vary from one clinic to another. For example, there is NO finger exercise among the methods applied by us.

‘Should hymen be extracted?’ for vaginismus treatment

Vaginismus treatment methods include surgical methods. Surgical methods should only be performed if there are anatomical obstacles associated with the hymen. Otherwise, in case of only a psychological vaginismus problem, the patient’s anxiety may increase with an adverse effect, and the problem may continue even if the hymen is extracted. For this reason, a very good gynecological evaluation is essential.

Surgical procedures may be necessary in cases where the hymen is hard, thick (fleshy),high-edged or septate. The most frequently performed surgical procedures for hymen are the removal of the hymen (hymenectomy) and making the incision on the hymen and relaxing the vaginal entrance (hymenectomy).

Finger Exercises

It is aimed to make the person to recognize her sexual organ and vagina with finger exercises which are composed of a very long process. If we analyze this method which is frequently encountered by patients who have vaginismus problem;

Advantages of finger exercises:

  • It allows the person to touch and feel her own genital area.
  • It is useful for understanding the width and curved structure of the vagina by feeling with the finger.
  • It is advantageous for desensitization and expansion of the vagina.
  • It provides a woman to allow her partner to touch her vagina and foreign body insertion.

Disadvantages of finger exercises:

  • It is very difficult for a person to do such an exercise on her own.
  • It is a slow and long process. On the basis of weekly sessions, it is a long-term treatment sometimes extending to 6 months or 1,5-2 years, which requires enough patience.
  • Fear of failure may increase the degree of vaginismus and causes the person to get away from treatment.
  • Financial and emotional damage is much (It may last for months and sometimes years)
  • Resistance against husband may deteriorate mutual communication.
  • It may cause the person to have disgust against herself and her husband and she may give up the treatment.

Through years of experience (HERA) we have seen that finger exercises are not successful enough in the treatment of vaginismus and therefore we do not prefer finger exercises in our treatment.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy among vaginismus treatment methods

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are the methods which we apply especially in patients who have resistance and too much fear. Subconscious anxiety and obsessive thoughts are cleared from minds with this method and contribute to the success of treatment. It increases relaxation and self-confidence.

However, the hypnosis method is not enough for the treatment of vaginismus on itself. It is absolutely necessary to include cognitive and behavioral treatment methods. Hypnosis is not suitable for every patient. It is suitable for some patients and accelerates the treatment process when applied.

Acupuncture for vaginismus treatment

When acupuncture is included in vaginismus treatment besides cognitive and behavioral methods, success increases. Acupuncture treatment is also effective in reducing anxiety and treating depression.

EMDR therapy in vaginismus

EMDR therapy can be performed in vaginismus especially due to sexual trauma history. EMDR is briefly a special therapy technique known as desensitization with eye movements and reprocessing. This should be done by certified sexual therapists.

Vaginismus treatment is now possible!

To summarize, it is now possible to reach a solution in 3-5 days in the light of scientific vaginismus treatment methods. Vaginismus treatment method to be applied should be individualized according to the degree of the disease, the mechanism of occurrence and the cause of the problem.


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Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
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