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Md. Süleyman Eserdağ

Md. Süleyman Eserdağ graduated from Izmir Science High School in 1986 and from Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Medicine in 1992.

Dr. Süleyman Eserdağ graduated from Izmir Science High School in 1986 and from Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Medicine in 1992. He successfully passed Examination for Specialty in Medicine (TUS) and started to work as Gynecology and Obstetrics Assistant at Zekai Tahir Burak Women's Health Research and Education Hospital. He became ‘Obstetrician and Gynecologist’ in 1997. He was appointed to Kazan State Hospital and he became ‘Head Physician and Head of Health Group’. He worked at high risk pregnancies and in vitro fertilization clinics in Zekai Tahir Burak Hospital to which he was re-appointed in 2002.

In 2006, he was granted with Certificate of Hypnotherapy (Yeditepe University). Dr. Eserdağ left the hospital where he was working in 2008 and started to work full-time in his clinics.

He became one of the first gynecologists in our country, who was granted with ‘sex therapist’ in ‘fellow level’ after successfully passing ‘board’ exam organized by European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) and European Federation of Sexology (EFS) in 2014.

Md. Eserdağ has admitted thousand patients with vaginismus problem in his clinic since 2003. He broke a new ground about vaginismus in our country and established  Hera Vaginismus Treatment, Training and Research Association. This association is the first non-governmental organization carrying out researches on vaginismus in our country. Many doctors and medical professionals have been trained under this association.

In 2013, he became ‘Family Counselor’ with Certificate of Family Counselor. Another areas of interest of Dr. Süleyman Eserdağ are cosmetic genital surgeries and non-surgical medical procedures under ‘Cosmetic Gynecology’. He had the opportunity to work with many world-leading author in Europe and USA on this subject. Prof Adam Ostrzensky (Florida/USA- 2011),ECAMS (Athens/Greece- 2015),Dr. Red Alinsod (California/USA- 2016) are some of the institutions and mentors he was trained by. Under cosmetic gynecology, labioplasty, vaginal tightening, perineoplasty, genital laser, genital radiofrequency and PRP procedures are his special working areas.

In February, 2015, Md. Süleyman Eserdağ broke a new ground in our country and was admitted as “senior faculty member to Ireland-based ‘ECAMS - European College Of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery’, one of the biggest faculties in this area. He was ‘Head of Genital Surgery Department’ and ‘Genital Surgery International Instructor’ in this faculty until 2017. Under this faculty, he arranged many hands-on courses and workshops for hundreds doctors from 5 continents on ‘Cosmetic Gynecology and Sexology’. He moved the trainings in 2016 to Vienna, capital of Austria.

Md. Eserdağ is founder and head of International Society of Aesthetic Genital Surgery and Sexology- ISAGSS which he founded in 2017. On the other hand, he is a member of London-based International Association of Aesthetic Gynecology and Sexual Wellness scientific committee.

Dr. Süleyman Eserdağ is having his patients in his clinic in Nişantaşı, Istanbul. His special working areas include primarily vaginismus, then sexual problems and women and men, genital cosmetic surgeries and medical procedures.

He has many published proceedings, posters and medical articles. He knows advanced level English. He is married with two children. He is invited as speaker, special guest and moderator to many national and international meetings on genital surgery and sexual treatments.

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