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Costs Of Vaginismus Treatment

Costs Of Vaginismus Treatment

Prices and costs of vaginismus treatment vary according to the clinic's price policies and treatment methods. The first point to be remembered here is that not only the price but also the promising results should be considered for choosing the right vaginismus treatment center. The important thing is to achieve a permanent solution in a short time. Otherwise, every unsuccessful treatment attempt consumes all hopes both materially and morally, and distrust and pessimism postpone the further treatment searches.

How does vaginismus treatment cost vary?

In general, while determining the cost of vaginismus treatment, it should be considered how the degree and severity of disease are, whether there is a physical obstacle about hymen and whether a surgical intervention will be required. Prices and costs of vaginismus treatment can be determined as per session or full-package depending on the working principle of the clinic or specialist doctor who will perform the treatment.

 ‘Session pricing’ in vaginismus treatment

Payments per session increase the financial burden as the sessions and treatment hours increase. In addition, the uncertainty about how long the problem will last will cause complication. Therefore, package pricing which is determined for the whole treatment process – from beginning to the end- is more advantageous for patients. 

 ‘Package pricing’ in vaginismus treatment

The package pricing method, which is frequently used in vaginismus treatment pricing, covers all payments during the whole treatment. In other words, the cost will never increase even treatment period is extended. Therefore, no matter how long the time and treatment duration is, the patient knows the amount to be paid in the first session. It can, therefore be more advantageous.

Are vaginismus treatment prices expensive?

In general, there are some thoughts about vaginismus treatments’ being too expensive. However, in couples with vaginismus problem who postpone the treatment for financial reasons, the damage will be more severe both financially and emotionally because of negative reflections of this problem to the marriage, spiritual destruction of persons, desire to have a baby and expensive treatments like IVF treatment which is required to be repeated for many times.

Patients should consider more about the quality of service to be taken, experience and treatment success of the physician rather than costs of vaginismus treatment. Inexpensive therapies seem attractive at first but there is complete destruction when you do not get a result. We suggest that patients who have lost their hope for years, who get tired and fed up to prefer centers that can give definite results in a short time and do not leave scientific and ethical values.

Disappointments after receiving no results in some clinics

There is serious destruction in couples who cannot get results in the centers they go, belief in treatment and trust in physicians are decreasing. In particular, discouragement of male partner about going for treatment, having no trust in anyway and increasing despair prevent couples from even searching for other clinics. Some of the couples are exposed to out-of-date methods, by going to ‘dabbler’ religious men. So, it is very important to start treatment in the right clinic with individual treatment methods from the beginning.

While searching for a vaginismus treatment center

Specialist centers and specialized physicians should be investigated especially when searching for a vaginismus treatment center. Scientific and ethical vaginismus treatment methods should not be abandoned. Thus, it will be possible to protect against financial and emotional damage.

How much does vaginismus treatment cost?

Vaginismus treatment prices may vary considerably depending on the treatment method applied, the physician and the pricing rules of the treatment center. As mentioned above, package pricing seems to be more reasonable for vaginismus treatment. Treatment costs vary depending on the severity of disease. The price should not be taken as a single reference point in order not to have a disappointing result; the knowledge and experience of the center, its institutionally and success rate should never be ignored. Vaginismus treatments are a team job and it is very important to choose corporate clinics on this issue.


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Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’
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