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Revision After Vagina Tightening

Revision After Vagina Tightening

Revision demands after genital aesthetics have significantly increased in recent years. Correction operations about genital aesthetics are known as ‘revision operations’ and most commonly applied after labiaplasty . Vagina tightening operations come at the second place.

The reason for this increase for revision demands is the lack of knowledge and experience of many surgeons who perform these operations despite the increasing demand. Unfortunately, many operational mistakes are encountered today.

Aesthetic genital operations are a field of cosmetic gynecology and physicians who are considering to work on this subject are required to receive training. Otherwise, it is inevitable to have undesired operational results.

Revision after vagina tightening operation (Correction operations)

Vaginal tightening operations are usually performed simultaneously with perineoplasty. Sexual intercourse can be extremely painful and even impossible, with the excessive tightening of the vagina or simultaneous elevation of the perineum (between vagina and anus). On the other hand, subcutaneous ‘inclusion cysts’ and then painful ‘inclusion abscesses’ may develop after skin tissue is buried under the skin during operation.

Excessive tightness or insufficient operation

It is necessary to evaluate the tissue that will be tightened from the beginning. Pain occurs if vaginal tightening is done excessively, or nothing changes if it is done inadequately. The size of the male partner’s penis is also important in vagina tightening operations.

Most common mistakes and situations requiring revision in vagina tightening:

  • Excessively tightened vagina after vagina tightening operation and thus pain during sexual intercourse, sometimes inability to have penetration
  • Inadequately tightened vagina after vagina tightening operation and continuation of numbness problem in sexual intercourse,
  • Stitch scars on outer area leave prominently and cause aesthetical concerns.

When can vagina tightening be performed after the delivery?

We recommend patients to wait for at least 3 months after giving birth, in order to undergo vagina aesthetics and vagina tightening operation. During this time, edema caused by pregnancy will decrease and tissue will recover itself. During pregnancy or delivery, no application is made about vaginal aesthetics. Otherwise, complications risks are very high.

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