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Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’

Evaluations Before Labiaplasty: 'Queens, Princesses and Barbies'

The evaluations to be made before labiaplasty is extremely important for the success of the surgery.
Evaluations Before Labiaplasty: 'Queens, Princesses and Barbies'

The evaluations to be made before labiaplasty is extremely important for the success of the surgery. We divide our patients considering labiaplasty into three groups according to their personality and surgery expectations: Queens, Princesses, and Barbies. This somewhat humorous approach guides us in planning the operation to be carried out and meeting the expectations fully.

The surgeon who performs genital plastic surgery should approach each patient's expectations, like a tailor, because “there is no one dress size that fits all”.

Labiaplasty Surgery According to Your Expectations

Labiaplasty surgeries can be performed according to the preferences of yours.

When we need to classify patients in this regard, we can divide them into three different categories as queens, princesses, and barbies.


Queens, generally over 40 years old, prefer to stay as minimal as possible in their operations. They refrain from taking too many risks with radical procedures. They aim to feel comfortable in functionality rather than aesthetics. Simple reductions due to their 'naturalistic' nature will meet the queens' expectations. There is no problem if the inner lips protrude a little beyond the outer lips after the surgery. They often do not need a clitoral hoodoplasty operation, or they are afraid of the operations of this region. It is the group that says, "I do not want the clitoris area to be touched at all. The operation of that area scares me a lot, a slight recovery from my inner lips will be enough for me". The labiaplasty technique to be applied for them can be in the form of V-plasty. In this way, both inner lip reduction will be achieved, and the natural edges of the lips will be preserved. A superficial trimming (edge ​​trimming) can also be done.

Queens consider non-surgical procedures more prominent among other genital aesthetic applications.


The primary purpose of the princesses, who are generally in the group of 30 and above, is to feel comfortable both aesthetically and functionally. They do not want the inner lip remaining after the surgery to be as much as in queens or as little as in barbies. It is sufficient for the inner genital lips to remain at the same level as the outer lips for princesses. A slight trimming will often meet their needs. Thus, the inner lips will be shortened, and the keratinized, dark, and wrinkled edges will be removed. Although not knowing precisely what they want, the princesses have a moderately cautious approach such as "Dear Doc, I want to leave my surgery to you, but I do not want my lips to be taken too exaggeratedly".


It is the "Barbie look vagina" that is most often desired in Western societies. According to my impressions, more than 90% of patients prefer the "barbie vagina aesthetics". In particular, the pornography industry has idealized the relatively short and pinkish appearance of the inner genital lips. Patients who desire a Barbie vagina look are generally younger but can be from all age groups.

What is the barbie vagina look?

In the Barbie look, the inner lips are quite short (usually 0.5 cm or less) and are located inside the outer lips so that they are not visible at all when viewed from the outside. The clitoral hood is sometimes very slightly prominent, and sometimes it is also inside the outer lips. Barbies, who take great care of their aesthetic appearance, are sharp-minded enough to say, "I have seen them for years, I do not want to see them anymore" about inner lips.

The most suitable labiaplasty technique for Barbies is trimming the edges, also known as "labial trimming". Thus, the desired amount of tissue can be removed.

Evaluations Prior to Labiaplasty Procedure

Taking the history of the patients prior to labia minora reduction surgery and a gynecologic examination after it are very valuable. The gynecologist's opinion on whether labiaplasty surgery is necessary is based on this information obtained from the patient. The history-taking process of our patients, which we call "anamnesis", is illuminating in listening to our patients' complaints, understanding why they prefer the operation, and determining priorities. In addition, different aesthetic problems that the patient does not know or is not aware of may occur during this anamnesis, and the gynecologic examination performed afterward.

A small Questionnaire. The following questions are included in the labiaplasty history-taking form.

1- Not satisfied with the appearance of the labia minora (inner hairless lips) or the skin around the clitoris? (Length, darkening, or asymmetry)

Yes / No        Please specify:

2- Do you feel pain, irritation, or discomfort while dressing, moving, or having sex?

     Yes / No

3- Are you ashamed of your genital area? Does it affect your social life? Can you comfortably wear tights, jeans, bikinis?

     Yes / No

4- Do you feel pain in your genital organs due to stretching during intercourse? Or is your concentration impaired during intercourse for any reason related to your genital organs?

    Yes / No

5- Do you experience hygienic problems due to excess skin folds? Is it difficult to clean your genital area?

     Yes / No

6- When you urinate, does it scatter in different directions instead of going straight down?

     Yes / No

7- Do you have difficulty inserting tampons due to the extra skin fold in the genital area?

     Yes / No

8- Have you ever had genital plastic surgery before?

     Yes / No

If so, why are you unhappy with the outcome? Please specify:


Labiplasty Procedure In Turkey

Before the labiaplasty operation is performed, the operation should be started after the physician understands your expectations. The knowledge and experience of the surgeon are extremely important in the labiaplasty technique to be applied and the success of the operation. Dr. Süleyman Eserdag, who is one of the world pioneer in aesthetic and functional gynecology, performs the labiaplasty procedures in his clinic in Istanbul, Turkey for more than 20 years. He’s also been giving trainings on aesthetic gynecology since 2015, and trained more than 1000 doctors from 5 continents so far.


In this section, you will find some of the hands-on aesthetic genital surgery (cosmetic gynecology) courses, trainings and meetings given by Assoc. Prof. Süleyman Eserdağ.

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Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’
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