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Labia Majoraplasty (Aesthetic Surgery of Outer Genital Lips)

One of the important aesthetic concerns for the female genitalia is loosening of the external genitalia.
Labia Majoraplasty (Aesthetic Surgery of Outer Genital Lips)

Labia Majoraplasty (Aesthetic Surgery of Outer Genital Lips)

One of the important aesthetic concerns for the female genitalia is loosening of the external genitalia. External genital loosening is also known as “vulvar laxity” or “vulvar loosening”, which may occur for different reasons. The operation to reduce and tighten the outer genital lips due to vulvar laxity is called "outer genital lipaesthetics", "labia majoraplasty surgery" or "labia majoraplasty procedure”. Labiaplasty for labia majora is aprocedure designed to surgically reduce the size of the external (outer),hair-bearing genital lips.

Where are the outer genital lips?

It is the name given to the lips that remain in the outer region of the genital area and are covered with hairs.External genital lips can be used synonymously.Its Latin name is “labium externa” or “labium majus”, and plural form is "labia majora" (bigger or outer genital lips).

The lower part of the outer genital lips is covered with adipose tissue.In some people, sagging outer lips can be observed due to the lack of adipose tissue.In some, wrinkles may occur in this area due to the weakness of the collagen connective tissue.

What causes genital laxity and sagging?

Vulvar laxity and sagging, which causes an aged appearance in the female genitalia, occur differently.Among the causes of loosening and sagging in the genital area;

  • Poor collagen structure due to the genetic characteristics of the person (the most common cause)
  • Pregnancy and births
  • Rapid weight gain and loss (especially after the obesity surgeries)
  • Chronic irritation and vulvar dystrophies

On the other hand, factors such as the menopause period when collagen destruction accelerates, smoking, poor nutrition, aging, and chronic stress increase vulvar laxity, that is, relaxation in the external genital area.

Vulvar Laksite Sorunu (Dış Genital Bölgede Gevşeklik)

Vulvar laxity problem (laxity in the external genitalia).Even though she is only 28 years old, the problem of 'vulvar laxity', that is, sagging and relaxation in the external genital area is mainly due to rapid weight gain and loss and poor collagen structure.

What is majoraplasty surgery? Details about the outer genital lip aesthetic operation

In some cases, outer genital lips may be larger than normal or asymmetrical.This aesthetic genital operation performed to make sagging, loose, large, or asymmetric big lips smaller, tense and symmetrical is called 'labio majoraplasty' or 'outer genital lips aesthetics'.If it is aimed to reduce the bigger (outer) genital lips, the name 'labia majora reduction' is also used.

Labio majoraplasty surgery is also a type of labiaplasty.However, because it is performedmuch more frequently, the term ‘labiaplasty’ is more commonly used for inner (smaller) genital lip aesthetics (labia minoraplasty).

Primary Hypertrophy of Labia Majora

If there is an excess volume in the big lips due to excess adipose tissue (fat tissue),this situation is called 'primary hypertrophy', and the problem can be resolved with liposuction methods.Liposuction can be performed with methods such as laser, radiofrequency, or VASER. In some cases, outer genital lips reduction is performed by removing both the adipose tissue and the skin with a wedge excision. Thisvery specific operation is called as ‘fat pad debulking’ procedure.

Secondary Hypertrophy of Labia Majora

If excess skin tissue has formed due to the decrease in subcutaneous fat and collagen, and therefore wrinkles and loosening have occurred, this situation is called 'secondary hypertrophy'.In this case, the extra skin tissue can be reduced by majoraplasty operation, and so the tightening can be ensured in the external genital area.

Surgical Techniques

Labia majoraplasty operations can be performed with different surgical techniques depending on the amount of tissue to be removed.Some surgical techniques applied:

  • Elliptical tissue excision
  • Horseshoe-shaped tissue excision
  • Teardrop excision (Eserdag technique)

The most commonly preferred method is elliptical excision procedure. First of all, after marking the elliptical area from the clitoris area to the lower border of the external lips, it is performed by removing the skin tissue of this area.The more tissue to be removed, the wider the width of the ellipse. If the amount of tissue to be removed from both labia majora is the same (if there is no asymmetry),marking is done with the help of metric measurement to remove an equal amount of tissue.

Majoraplasti Ameliyatı

Combined aesthetic genital procedure. Views of before (left),and after (right) the majoraplasty and minoraplasty combined procedures(Eserdag ©).

Labia Majoraplasty by Removing Fat Tissue (Fat Pad Debulking)

In cases of primary labia majora hypertrophy, which manifests with excess skin and excess subcutaneous and adipose tissue, extensive surgical tissue removal may be required.In this case, the subcutaneous and adipose tissues and the skin are removed in wedge form.The labia majoraplasty operation performed by removing the fat tissue is also known as “fat pad debulking”.

Combined genital aesthetics with labia majoraplasty

Labia minora reductionand clitoral hoodoplasty can be performed simultaneously with labia majoraplasty.Thus, the 'total vulvoplasty' operation, in which the entire external genital area is beautified, will be performed.Similarly, majoraplasty, vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening),and perineoplasty operations can be performed simultaneously.The removed tissue is sometimes quite extensive ('major majoraplasty' in our terminology) and sometimes much more limited ('minor majoraplasty').

Vaginal tightening, laser tightening, genital PRP, or genital RF can also be performed simultaneously with majoraplasty.However, if there is also a demand for labia majora augmentation by fat tissue, we recommend waiting for at least three months.

Postoperative term in labia majora plasty Turkey

You can have your labia majora plasty procedure in our Istanbul and Ankara clinics in Turkey. Generally, a daily hospitalization is sufficient, and the patients can be sent home or hotel on the same day. Post-operative care and follow-up are precisely the same as after labiaplasty for labia minora. Foreigner patients can come one day before the procedure, and return to home 3-4 days after their labia majora plasty operations in Turkey.  

The cost of labia majora plasty procedure in Turkey

The cost of labia majoraplasty procedure in Turkey (in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir) varies due to the extension of the procedure, anesthesia type, and the doctor or medical center. Prices may also vary in labiaplasty procedure performed in a clinic or hospital.For these reasons, it would be better to text our clinic’s WhatsApp number (+90 530 763 34 00) to get detailed information about costs.


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Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’
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