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Barbie Vagina Aesthetics

Barbie Vagina Aesthetics

The trend of Barbie vagina aesthetics rising in Western countries, especially the USA in recent years has started to rise rapidly in our country, as well.

Barbie vagina aesthetics, also known as ‘Barbie doll vagina’ in the USA, is the most demanded procedure among the labiaplasty procedures.

It is aimed to achieve a Barbie-like appearance by minimizing the labia minora and clitoral hood as much as possible in such a way as to ensure that there is no skin tissue hanging out, and there is a straight, vertical line in the middle.

What is Labiaplasty?

‘Labiaplasty’ (surgical reduction of the labia minora or labia majora) is the general name of surgical procedures performed to reduce the size of saggy, large, dark colored or wrinkled labia minora or labia majora, and to provide a symmetrical and aesthetically smooth appearance. Labiaplasty is a term derived from the words 'labium (lip) and plasty (aesthetic correction).

However, since labia minoraplasty is performed much more commonly than labia majoraplasty, the word labiaplasty is usually used to mean ‘labia minoraplasty’.

When we look at the anatomy of the external genital area, we see the outer large lips called ‘labium majora’, which consist of subcutaneous adipose tissue covered with hairy skin that have sweat glands. The aesthetic surgical procedures of these outer lips (labia majora) too are referred to as labiaplasty.

To classify labiaplasty operations; surgical reduction of the labia minora is called ‘labia minoraplasty’, and surgical reduction of the labia majora is called ‘labia majoraplasty’.

What is Barbie vagina surgery?

It is the most common form of labiaplasty desired by patients. It is characterized by minimizing the labia minora and leaving no extension hanging outwards. The purpose of Barbie vagina aesthetic surgery is to ensure that there is no visible excess tissue protruding outwards, and that the only thing visible is a thin, sexy line called ‘cleft of venus’ in the middle, when the person is in a standing or sitting position with legs together. The level of satisfaction with this appearance commonly desired by patients especially in recent years is also quite high.

Barbie Doll Vagina Aesthetics

‘Barbie vagina’ or ‘Barbie doll vagina’ is a term coined by L.A.’s high society. In the world of cosmetic gynecology, the descriptions of the maximum shortening of the labia minora in Labiaplasty were mentioned for the first time by Dr. Red Alinsod. Afterwards, it spread rapidly all over the world like a fashion trend. As the first practitioner of this concept, which is commonly preferred in the community of genital cosmetic, we have added a number of features to this technique: ‘Eserdag Barbie vagina surgery’.

What is ' Eserdag Barbie aesthetic surgery’?

‘Eserdag Barbie vagina surgery’ involves there basic procedures:

  • Shortening the labia minora as much as possible (maximum reduction),
  • Clitoral hood reduction (maximum tissue removal from the clitoral hood with the inverted Y-plasty technique),
  • Autologous fat transfer to the labia majora (if there is not adequate amount of adipose tissue in the labia majora).

In some cases, fillers containing hyaluronic acid can be used as an alternative to fat injection. One of the most important parts of labiaplasty is ‘clitoral hood reduction’ i.e. trimming of the clitoral hood region, which we recommend to be performed in conjunction with this procedure. In most patients, when only labiaplasty is performed, the protrusion of the clitoral area becomes more obvious that can be aesthetically disturbing. Clitoral hood reduction operations require more experience and technical skills than labiaplasty operations.

Barbie Aesthetic

  • The labia minora are left as short and small as possible.
  • The fold of skin on the clitoris is removed and the upper area is corrected.
  • If necessary, fat or hyaluronic acid filler is injected into the labia majora.
  • A thin line appearance in the form of a single straight line is created in the middle (cleft of venus).
  • It is the aesthetic appearance most desired by patients.

Brief information about barbie vagina surgery.

What is labial hypertrophy?

The condition in which the labia minora is larger or wider than normal is a called ‘labial hypertrophy’. It is mostly a congenital, and hereditary condition. Sagging and enlargement of the labia minora become more pronounced, especially due to the hormonal effect during adolescence. In addition, the labia minora may get larger, saggy and more wrinkled than usual due to mechanical traumas of the genital area, pregnancy, childbirth, frequent masturbation, prolonged irritation (such as chronicle fungal infection, itching or friction).

What is labial asymmetry? labia Minora Asymmetry

Labial asymmetry is a condition where one labium is larger than the other. It is usually congenital but can sometimes occur due to genital traumas. Labial asymmetry manifests itself with conditions where one labium, compared to the other, is longer, saggier, more prominent, darker colored, rougher or has more indented edges.

Who are suitable candidates for labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure performed mostly due to aesthetic concerns, with intent to achieve both physical and psychological wellness. Women whose labia minora are larger, wider and thicker than normal may have a lack of sexual self-confidence, and because they are embarrassed during sexual intercourse, they cannot concentrate and therefore have difficulty in having a healthy sexual intercourse. Since this structural condition leads to many psychological and physical complaints, it is considered to be a health problem rather than just an aesthetic disorder.

Causes For Labiaplasty Surgery

Labiaplasty operations provide physical, sexual, hygienic and medical benefits. Therefore, it can be performed for a variety of purposes. Reasons for performing labiaplasty operations:

  • Protruding appearance while wearing bikini and tights,
  • Frequent vaginal infections, frequent fungal infections, and odor formation in the genital area due to excess skin,
  • Hygienic problems,
  • Friction of the large and sagging labia minora while wearing underwear, jeans and tights,
  • Pain sensation due to the stretching of the excessively large labia during sexual intercourse,
  • The need for straining during urination or urination towards different directions wetting the legs.

As with any operation, labiaplasty operations should be performed after thoroughly determining the objectives.

Labiaplasty Procedures

There are a variety of surgical procedures for labiaplasty. The surgeon will decide on what procedure is more appropriate for what patient, in the light of his/her own experience. In this context, it is very important to ensure that the surgeon who will perform the labiaplasty operation is experienced. Another issue is the expectations of the patient who considers the surgical operation, and her desires regarding the procedure.

The main methods of labiaplasty procedures:

  • V plasty (removal of a wedge-shaped piece of tissue),
  • Straight amputation (partial tissue removal),
  • De-epithelialization,
  • Inferior wedge resection with superior pedicle flap,
  • Star labiaplasty.

Hybrid Vagina

For people who want labiaplasty among surgical genital cosmetic procedures, there are applications involving various techniques and methods that can be suitable for the person’s request and labia minora structure. Most patients prefer a Barbie vagina surgery because it minimizes the size of the labia minora. However, some patients desire an appearance that is closer to natural. In these patients, we perform the procedure called ‘hybrid vagina’. Compared to the other technique, hybrid vagina surgery involves less reduction of the labia minora, thus gives a more natural appearance.

Is clitoral hoodoplasty (clitoral hood reduction) necessary in Barbie vagina surgery?

Clitoral hoodoplasty is a surgical procedure intended to give the clitoral area a more aesthetic appearance by removing the fold of skin over the clitoris. If the excess skin and the fold of skin on the clitoris are not removed after labiaplasty, this area will become protruding that looks like a child’s penis. Therefore, clitoral hood reduction (hoodoplasty) is a surgical procedure that must be performed in conjunction with labiaplasty in most cases. Clitoral hood reduction has also an important place in Barbie vaginal surgery. When performed with the right technique, clitoral hood reduction never negatively affects sexual pleasure; on the contrary; it has positive effects on many patients in this regard.

How is Barbie vagina surgery performed?

Barbie vagina surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia, in a hospital or clinical setting. This procedure takes about 1.5 hours. If labial fat grafting is performed in the same session, the procedure may take one more hour. In the Barbie vagina concept, labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction are performed with the technique that best suits the tissue. With fat grafting, weak labia majora are strengthened and plumped in such a way as to form the cleft of venus (vertical line in the middle). For those with slight wrinkles on their labia majora, the use of hyaluronic acid fillers instead of fat graft is adequate.

After Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Barbie vaginal surgery generally does not require postoperative hospitalization. Since the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, no serious pain is expected even on the day of surgery. After a few days of rest, the patient can easily return to her daily life and work. There is no need for permanent bed rest during the postoperative resting period at home. The patient should only avoid long-time standing. The most important things to pay attention to after genital cosmetic surgery are wound care and proper use of prescribed medications. It is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse and to avoid swimming pools, sea, sauna and heavy exercises for the first postoperative month.

The Best Labiaplasty Procedure

Labiaplasty procedures do not have superiority to each other. For the best labiaplasty operation, the procedure should be determined based on the patient’s tissue and expectations. Operations should be completely personalized. The marketing term “One size doesn’t fit all”. The most important issues are the patient’s expectation, the hypertrophy level of the labia, the characteristics of the tissue, whether clitoral hood reduction will be required and whether another procedure will be performed in conjunction with the determined procedure.

Can this procedure be performed on virgins, as well?

It can absolutely be performed. Not all labiaplasty procedures damage the hymen and such procedures can be safely performed on virgins. In addition, procedures considered for aesthetic purposes should not be performed before the person turns 18.

Who should perform cosmetic genital procedures?

Labiaplasty operations are today performed by gynecologists and plastic surgeons. The important thing is to ensure that the surgeon performing the surgical operation has full knowledge of the anatomy of the female genital area, and that he/she is well-educated and experienced in this area. Otherwise, extremely undesirable consequences could be encountered.

Postoperative Risks Of Barbie Vagina Surgery

Barbie vagina surgery involves risks such as bleeding, infection, and wound dehiscence, which are the risks involved in every surgical operation. These risks are minimized when the surgery is performed using the right technique. Satisfaction rates are quite high when it is performed with the right technique by surgeons who have adequate experience, after the patient expectations are fully understood. Otherwise, correction with labiaplasty revision surgeries may be required.

Prices Of Barbie Vagina Surgery

The price of Barbie vagina surgery varies depending on the experience of the surgeon who will perform the operation, the extent of the operation, the health center where the operation will be done, and the anesthesia method to be used. For this reason, it would be useful to consult your physician to get information about the costs and total prices of labiaplasty. Another important point to note is that labiaplasty procedures are very specific procedures, and that physicians who have no knowledge and experience in this field should not be preferred for consultation. It is of great importance to select a competent physician.


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