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Permanent Hymen Repair

Permanent Hymen Repair

Rupture of hymen and the loss of virginity may occur with person’s own desire or out of her control (in an undesired way). In this case, ‘permanent hymen repair’ is done and revirginization is achieved.

Hymen repair is known as ‘hymenoplasty operation’. The aim is to allow bleeding like imitating the first night. Permanent hymen operation is also known as ‘long term repair’ or ‘permanent repair’ .

How is permanent hymen repair performed?

Permanent hymen repair is performed in two ways:

  • Flap operation
  • Microsurgery method

Hymen repair with flap operation

Flap operation of hymen is for permanent purpose. In this case, triangle-shaped flap tissue on posterior wall of vagina is hanged on anterior or side walls. The aim in hymenal flap operations is to provide bleeding ‘imitating the first night’ rather than repair of hymen.

Hymen repair with microsurgery

Microsurgery is another way of permanent hymenal repair. It’s performed by cutting remnant edges of hymen and then approximating with using special microsurgery techniques and special threads. If vagina is enlarged compared to normal, vagina tightening can also be made at the same time.

In permanent hymen repair, hymen is regenerated. Quality of threads and suture technique are also important.

Hymen repair with microsurgery is safer and more successful than flap operations according to our practice. Recovery process is also very comfortable. Person can return to her social life on the following day.

Patients who undergo long-term permanent hymen operation with flap and microsurgery are recommended to go pre-marriage control examination, just 4-5 days before marrying.

How long does hymen repair last?

Hymen repair procedure usually lasts 15-20 minutes and can be done with local anesthesia. Patients can return to her normal life after one day.

Sexual intercourse is free after one month from long-term (permanent) repair.

Complaints after permanent hymen repair

Mild bleeding in the form of staining, which can last for a few days or sometimes a week after the operation, is completely normal. Simple painkiller medications can be used if you have mild pain in the first day. In cases where necessary, antibiotics containing drugs can be prescribed by the physician.

Is the number of sexual intercourse important in operation success?

No. The number and duration of previous sexual intercourse in hymen repair are not important. It can even be done to patients who previously had abortion or miscarriage.

Vagina tightening operation at the same session

Women who have previously had miscarriage, abortion, frequent or long-term sexual intercourse suffer from vaginal enlargement. If vagina enlargement occurs as a result of these conditions, vaginal tightening can be done at the same time. Vagina tightening operation can be done surgically in the same session with hymenoplasty or can be done by vaginal lasers.

When should hymenoplasty operation be done?

This depends on the type of surgery to be performed and the duration of the marriage.

Permanent hymen repair and long-term repair operations are independent of marriage duration and can be done at any time. Temporary hymen repair and short-term repair operations should be done 1-6 days before the marriage.

The chance of success in both operations is proportional to the experience of the surgeon. It is the key to success that permanent hymen repair is performed by an experienced gynecologist. It is also extremely important to ensure patient’s confidentiality, privacy and ethical values.

Is it noticed with examination that a repaired hymen?

This situation depends on the structure of hymen remnants and the technique of the operation. It can be noticed more in flap method compared to microsurgery technique.

How much does permanent hymen repair cost? Pricing

Permanent hymen repair costs and pricing varies according to gynecologist, clinic, type of operation (short-term, long-term repair, flap or microsurgery method). If vaginal tightening is to be made at the same time, costs and pricing change. While local anesthesia is generally sufficient, the choice of general anesthesia method changes the price


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Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’
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