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Fat Transfer And Augmentation Of Labia Majora

Fat Transfer And Augmentation Of Labia Majora

Most women considering genital aesthetic procedures desire to achieve a smooth, unwrinkled skin which does not look saggy when they stand with legs together.

It is possible to achieve this desired appearance by completely eliminating the flabbiness and wrinkles on the labia minora and labia majora, and by performing fat grafting to the labia majora. Fat transfer and augmentation of labia majora is also known as ‘vaginal fat injection’, ‘labial fat filling’ or ‘vulvar autologous fat transfer’.

Labial fat grafting operations performed in conjunction with labiaplasty operations are also involved in ‘Barbie vagina surgery', which is highly demanded by patients.

Where is the location of the labia majora?

In women, the labia majora are the outer parts of the labia minora, which are bilaterally raised areas covered with hairs. In medical terminology, this area is known as “labium majus”. ‘Labia majora’ is the plural form of this term. The labia majora is also referred to as ‘outer lips’, ‘outer genital lips’, and ‘labia externa’. The labia majora are the anatomical extension of the upper mons pubis. Labial fat grafting is also known as ‘labia majora fat transfer’, 'labia majora fat grafting', or ‘labia majora augmentation procedure’.

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What are the causes of labia majora hypertrophy?

Sagging, wrinkled or collapsed labia majora is a complaint that usually increases with age. However, sometimes these can also be seen at a young age due to poor collagen structure. Especially after obesity surgeries, which have become popular in recent years, excesses in the skin become unsightly in the labia majora. Labia majora hypertrophy is most often seen in the following cases:

  • Advancing age,
  • Collagen weakness (depends on genetic and environmental factors),
  • Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption,
  • Bad eating habits,
  • Rapid weight gain and loss,
  • Frequent masturbation or sexual intercourse,
  • Fascia defect formation due to traumatic processes.

Treatments of labia majora hypertrophy

In cases of severe labia majora hypertrophy and collapsed labia majora, surgical tightening and reduction operations can be performed with ‘majoraplasty'. This procedure also known as ‘surgical labia majora tightening’ is a permanent solution.

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Labial filler applications are performed in patients who have mild labia majora hypertrophy and superficial collapses. These procedures, applied as ‘labial fat grafting’ and ‘hyaluronic acid filler injection to the labia majora’, are known as ‘labial augmentation’.

To summarize if there are excessive stretches due to excess skin tissue, these excess tissue is removed with a surgical procedure called ‘majoraplasty’.

However, if there are conditions such as collapses and mild wrinkles due to decreased fat and collagen in the tissue, the aesthetic appearance can be improved by using the fat grafting technique or applying hyaluronic acid fillers in the area.

Who are suitable candidates for labial fat grafting? Purposes of labial fat grafting

There is a rapid increase in the demand for labial fat grafting. It can be performed because of medical and cosmetic reasons. The most common reasons include:

  • To correct collapse and wrinkles in the labia minora,
  • To hide labia minora extending beyond the labia majora by keeping it in the labia majora without surgery,
  • To hide defects after labia minoraplasty,
  • To provide rejuvenation with mesenchymal stem cells in the adipose tissue,
  • To correct unsightly suture scars caused by childbirth,
  • To eliminate vulvar atrophies due to lichen sclerosus and menopause, and improve symptoms,
  • To treat stress incontinence (urinary incontinence),
  • To increase sexual pleasure and facilitate the orgasm function with G spot augmentation (G Shot procedure that involves fat injection).

How is the labial fat grafting procedure performed? Vaginal fat filling

Labial fat grafting is a procedure performed under general or local anesthesia, and under sterile conditions in a hospital or clinical setting. Patients are discharged 5-6 hours after day-case hospitalization.

The process consists of 3 stages:

  • Fat harvesting (taking fat with cannula),
  • Fat processing (processing the fat harvested),
  • Fat transfer (injecting the fat into the tissue).

The abdominal area is the most preferred area for fat harvesting. However, it may not be easy to harvest abdominal fat in slim patients who do not have abdominal fat, or patients who have undergone abdominoplasty. In such cases, fat can also be harvested from the side of the abdomen, inner thigh, outer thigh and mons pubis areas.

The procedure performed to thin the mons pubis area is called ‘mons pubis correction’ or ‘mons pubis reduction'. After a thinning process, the fat harvested is injected into the desired areas.

Is the injected fat permanent? How to increase the permanence of the fat

In the 6th month after labial fat grafting, the fat tissue maintains 30-40% of its volume. In other words, two-thirds of the fat harvested melts within the first 6 months. The permanence of the remaining one-third can be up to 5 years. In some cases, this permanence period may be shorter or longer. In patients who lose weight fast, also the fat tissue injected into the labia majora melts after the procedure. Losses can be much more in smokers and those who do not eat regularly. Therefore, a little higher amount of fat is injected, taking this loss into consideration during the procedure. The procedure can be repeated at intervals of several years in patients who want. In labial augmentation procedure involving the use of fillers, the permanence period generally ranges from 6 to 8 months.

The surgical technique used by the surgeon is also very important in increasing permanence. The important issues in this regard include:

  • Not keeping the fat too long after it is harvested,
  • Minimizing the air contact as much as possible,
  • Performing the thinning process appropriately.

On the other hand, there are opinions that adding PRP to the fat can also increase the permanence.

What patients should do to increase the effect duration of fat grafting

The oxygen and blood flow should be kept at the maximum level to maintain the vitality of the fat tissue injected into any part of the body. In order to maintain these flows, it is recommended to eat a sufficient and well-balanced diet, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, pay attention to water consumption, exercise regularly, and take certain food supplements. Even under these conditions, the vitality ratio of the fat is around 40% at the end of first 6 months. Special equipment is used for the labial fat grafting. Experience in this procedure is of great importance.

What are the points to take into consideration after labial fat grafting?

Post-treatment care is very important in labial fat grafting, for achieving rapid healing and increasing the permanence of the fat. Ice application in the early post-treatment period is recommended. It is recommended to take antibiotics and pain relievers at home. The bandage applied to the fat harvesting area with intent to prevent bleeding is removed after 48 hours.

The post-discharge recommendations include avoiding hot showers, not rubbing the genital area, and avoiding blows for a week; and not using thermal springs, hot baths, and hot pools, not wearing tight pants and avoiding horse riding and cycling for a month. There is also a one-month restriction on sexual intercourse and heavy sports.

It is also recommended to stop smoking because it adversely affect both collagen production and nutrition of the adipose tissue.

Does labial fat grafting involve risks?

After fat grafting, complications related to both the fat harvesting area and the fat injection area may develop. The fat harvesting procedure should never be performed on extremely slim patients who do not have adequate amount of fat, and on those who have problems related to bleeding and coagulation.

Bleeding, hematoma, infection, and collapses in the form of local dimpling may occur in the fat harvesting area. Despite being rare, bleeding, tissue infection (cellulitis),fat embolism, fat necrosis, calcification, fat cyst, tissue irregularities or asymmetry can be observed in the fat injection area. This procedure is a specific procedure that should be performed by experienced physicians.

  • Filler augmentation of the labia majora: It is the procedure that involves the removal of fat from the abdomen and inner parts of the legs with the lipoaspiration method, processing that fat, and then injecting it into the labia majora for the purpose of augmentation.
  • As a result of the augmentation, the labia minora will remain inside the labia majora.
  • Besides augmentation, the genital area is also rejuvenated through the mesenchymal stem cells in the adipose tissue.
  • The operation takes 1 hour on average.
  • In suitable people, it can be performed under local anesthesia in a clinical setting.
  • Patients can return to work after 3 to 4 days.
  • Sexual intercourse is allowed after a month.
  • It increases self-confidence, and provides hygienic, psychological and sexual acquirements.
  • The effect of filler augmentation of the labia majora is permanent. Even though it decreases after 5 years, the fullness keeps lasting.
  • Filler augmentation of the labia majora can also be performed in the form of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injection under local anesthesia in a clinical setting, with no need for fat harvesting.

The fat grafting procedure performed on the genital area (pivot table).

Can other aesthetic procedures be performed in conjunction with filler augmentation of the labia majora?

In genital cosmetic surgery, combined procedures always give better results. Labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, perineoplasty, genital PRP procedures can be performed in conjunction with the augmentation of the labia majora, based on the needs of the patient and the condition of the tissue.

How are the results of labial fat grafting?

According to our own statistical studies, the patient’ satisfaction levels are quite high after labial fat grafting. Especially for patients considering "Barbie vagina surgery", it provides many benefits such as forming the cleft of venus, rejuvenating the labia majora and giving the area a plump and sexy appearance.

Genital fat grafting in Turkey

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Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’
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