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Labiaplasty is an operation performed for reduction of genital inner labia and providing a symmetric and aesthetic appearance to inner labia if it has asymmetry, sagged, large, dark-colored or wrinkled. Labiaplasty is the leading aesthetic operation among all genital aesthetic operations around the world. It provides both aesthetical and functional benefits.

What is labiaplasty for inner genital labia 

Labiaplasty  (inner labia aesthetics) is an operation performed for reduction of genital inner labia and providing a symmetric and aesthetic appearance to inner labia if it has sagged, large, dark-colored or wrinkled.

In terminology, -labium means lips and -plasty means aesthetic operation. Therefore, Labiaplasty  is generally the name of genital labia aesthetics. However, since outer (bigger) labia aesthetics is performed much more rarely than inner (smaller) labia aesthetics, people understand inner labia aesthetics when Labiaplasty  is mentioned. Inner labia aesthetics is called ‘labiominoraplasty’ and outer labia aesthetics is called ‘labiomajoraplasty’.

How is the most ideal vulvar appearance?

The most desired appearance for the genital area accepted in the western world includes short and symmetric inner labia. Inner labia should not exceed outer labia during standing position when the legs are closed.

In which cases labiominoraplasty is done?

  • Thick, wide, sagged or wrinkled inner labia exceeding labia majora,
  • Asymmetry (One labia is larger than other labia),
  • Discoloration on tips of inner labia and rough and sinuous structures on edge parts.

Who can undergo labiaplasty ?

Labiaplasty is performed mostly for aesthetic concerns. Inner labia which are larger and thicker than normal cause sexual lack of self-confidence, embarrassment and concentration during sexual intercourse, being unable to have a comfortable partner relation and therefore a person’s not being pleased with her appearance and even not seeing herself as a woman.

The operation to be applied has physical, sexual, hygienic and medical benefits:

  • Prominent fluffy appearance may be uncomfortable when wearing a bikini and leggings. It negatively affects social life.
  • Moisture exposure of the genital area causes frequent fungal infections, vaginal infections and malodor in genital area. It brings hygienic problems.
  • Large and sagged inner labia may be uncomfortable by rubbing when wearing underwear, jeans and leggings.
  • It causes feeling pain due to tension during penetration of the penis into the vagina in sexual intercourse.
  • It may cause forcing during urination and urine can go a different direction and wet the legs.

‘Barbie vagina’ appearance in inner labia aesthetics

For patients who want to have labiaplasty among genital aesthetic operation, different techniques are applied depending on one’s own desire and inner labia structure.

With the last naming in the USA, in ‘Barbie doll vagina’, residue inner labia tissue after the labiaplasty  operation is at the minimum level. In patients who prefer hybrid vagina appearance, post-operation residue tissue is much more. In this technique, inner labia is reduced in smaller proportions and more natural appearance is achieved.

Most labiaplasty candidates prefer a barbie doll vagina appearance, with a minimum labia, and only a flat slit in the middle and labia are never seen.

Does labiaplasty affect sexual pleasure?

No. Labiaplasty operations never affect sexual pleasure in a negative way. Even, it positively affects the concentration during sexual intercourse by increasing the self-confidence.

Can virgins have labiaplasty?

Yes. Labiaplasty operation never damages hymen. So, it can be safely applied to virgin young girls.

Who should perform labiaplasty operations?

Labiaplasty  operations are currently being performed by many gynecologists and plastic surgeons. What is important is that the surgeon performing the surgery has mastered the anatomy of the female genital area and has received training and experience on this subject. Otherwise, it is possible to encounter extremely negative situations.

What kind of complications can be seen after labiaplasty ?

The labiaplasty operation involves such risks as bleeding, infection and opening of sutures which can be seen in any operation. These risks are minimal when applied with the correct technique.

In labiaplasty operations which are performed before patient's expectations are fully understood and by surgeons with insufficient experience, patients may not be pleased with the post-operative result. In these cases, correction is required with revision operations.

Success in labiaplasty operation

The labiaplasty surgeries performed by a specialist and experienced team by considering patient’s expectations are very satisfactory. When clitoral hoodoplasty performed simultaneously with the labiaplasty operation, vaginal entrance becomes smoother, symmetrical, natural colored and clean.

Another important issue is to make the correct care after the labiaplasty operation. When all these factors are taken into consideration, it is very natural and satisfying, usually without any traces.

How is the pricing of labiaplasty operations?

Pricing of labiaplasty operations varies depending on the surgeon, health center and anesthesia method. It will be useful for you to talk about the total price and cost of  labiaplasty  operation with your doctor. Here, the important point is that labiaplasty operations are very specific operations and should not be performed by surgeons who do not have enough knowledge and experience. So, choosing the right surgeon is very important.

Labiaplasty Turkey

Your labiaplasty operation can be done in our Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir clinics, all in Turkey, and with the high level quality and experience of "Hera Clinics". 

We mostly recommend our patients to have labiaplasty and clitorohoodoplasty (clitoral hood reduction surgery) both, in the same session, for the optimum results. Founded by Assoc Prof Süleyman Eserdag in Turkey in 2001, Hera Clinics are the pioneer and leading centers of aesthetic and functional gynecology in Europe. On the other hand, being operated in Turkey would be too much advantageous in terms of the price. You can directly contact us by clinic's whatsapp Nr: +90 530 763 34 00 and our assistants would be happy to help you.   


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Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’
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