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Hyaluronic Acid Treatments For Genital Area

Hyaluronic Acid Treatments For Genital Area

In cases where the external genital lips are sunken, sagging, and thinner than normal, genital filler materials have started to be preferred frequently.

In addition, external genital lip (labia majora) fillings are performed to hide the small inner lips (labia minora). This section contains detailed information about "hyaluronic acid treatments for female genital region". The main purpose of hyaluronic acid fillers applied to the labia majora in the genital area is to achieve a better and youthful aesthetic appearance.

Small, Saggy, or Collapsed Labia Majora Rejuvenation

The fact that the labia majora (external or bigger genital lips) are smaller and sunken than normal is known as “labia majora hypotrophy” or “labia majora collaps”. Labia majora hypotrophy is considered in three different groups as mild-moderate-advanced. In all three groups, hyaluronic acid filler injections can be made.

On the other hand, genital filler injections can be performed to correct asymmetry problems or hide the deformed labia minora. For the augmentation and rejuvenation of the tissue in genital area, hyaluronic acid fillers are the most commonly preferred materials.

How is hyaluronic acid injection done for genital area?

First of all, the external genital area is cleaned with an antiseptic solution and dried. Afterward, the part to be filled is marked with a skin marking pen. Since the fillers are injected through blunt-tipped cannulas (thin pipes),the area where the cannula will enter is pierced with a small needle tip after numbing it. Later, the hyaluronic acid filler is injected under the skin with the help of a cannula that is inserted through this hole.

The fact that experienced physicians perform the procedure increases its effectiveness. Immediately after the filler injection process, a slight massage is done by hand to ensure that the hyaluronic acid is distributed homogeneously into the tissue.

Genital Dudak Dolgusu

Injection of hyaluronic acid filler into the vagina and to the vaginal entrance

Hyaluronic acid filler can also be applied inside the vagina to moisturize, especially during menopause, and to the vagina entrance to treat “vulvar vestibulitis”. Generally, regenerative fillers are preferred. Hyaluronic acid filler injection can be done with point-by-point or linear techniques.

Who cannot get genital fillings? Contraindications of Hyaluronic Acid Injections

  • Those with inflammation or vaginal infections in the vagina
  • Those with active HSV (Genital Herpes) infection
  • Those who are pregnant
  • Those who are breastfeeding
  • Those with genital cancer or suspected cancer
  • Those with autoimmune disease
  • Those receiving immunosuppressive therapy
  • Those with local or systemic infections
  • Those who were previously allergic to specific hyaluronic acid or additives
  • Those with impaired bleeding profile
  • Those taking anticoagulant medication

When does the effect start?

Patient satisfaction is very high as a visible effect occurs immediately after the labia majora augmentation. The full and youthful appearance (rejuvenation) of labia majora makes many patients quite satisfied.

Scientific data

A retrospective study found a significant improvement in the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (GAIS) after a single session of hyaluronic acid administration of 19 mg/ml to 31 patients with mild to moderate hypotrophy and 21 mg/ml to 23 patients with advanced problems. Healing was more pronounced, especially in patients with advanced problems, and no complications were encountered.

Term after genital area filling

There is no restriction for the patients after hyaluronic acid injections to the vagina and vaginal entrance area. There is only a prohibition of sexual intercourse for five days.

How is the period after genital lip augmentation? What should be considered?

After labia majora augmentation by hyaluronic acid;

  • You should stay away from hot water, thermal pools, saunas, and spas for seven days.
  • You should avoid sex for five days.
  • You should stay away horseback riding and bicycle riding for one week.

Drinking 3 liters of water for the first 2-3 days after the procedure will increase the water absorption of the filler.

Hyaluronic Acid Filler Costs For Genital Area in Turkey 

Hera Clinics are tertiary medical centers in female genital aesthetics, based in Turkey. In our Istanbul (Nişantaşı and Suadiye) and Ankara clinics in Turkey, CE-certified hyaluronic acid filler materials are preferred for genital area. Costs may vary in filling procedures performed for genital area plumping, removal of wrinkles and depressions, or orgasm vaccination into the G-spot area.

The filler material used, the volume of the filler used, the area of ​​application, and CE certification are important factors that determine the costs. The experience of the physician also plays an important role in obtaining the best results.

You can contact our clinic (Whatsapp line: +90 530 763 34 00) about the hyaluronic acid fillers’ costs in Turkey.


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Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’
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