Assoc. Prof. Süleyman Eserdağ, MDCosmetic Gynecologist & Sexual Therapist
Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’

Genital Aesthetics

Genital Aesthetics

Genital aesthetics include surgical and non-surgical procedures, primarily performed in terms of aesthetic and functional benefits to the internal and external genital area. Although it is mostly seen as aesthetic operation, it also provides benefits from functional aspects.

Cosmetic genital surgeries started to gain importance especially in Turkey and all over the world since the beginning of 2000s. After women began to pay attention to their own bodies and to realize the importance of their sexual organs, genital cosmetic plastic surgery and applications started to increase with a faster pace.

What is genital aesthetics?

Genital aesthetics include surgery and external medical applications, primarily performed in terms of cosmetic benefits to the external genital area and also reconstruction and rejuvenation of vagina. Although it is seen as aesthetic operation, it also provides benefits from functional aspects. 

Genital aesthetic operations have psychological, hygienic, medical, sexual and social benefits in women. It is also known as ‘Vagina aesthetics’, ‘Sexual area aesthetics’, ‘Genital beautification’ and ‘Sexual organ aesthetics’.

What are genital aesthetics operations?

Surgical and non-surgical operations related to genital area aesthetics are as follows:

  • Labiaplasty  (reduction of inner or outer labia)
  • Vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening surgery)
  • Perineoplasty (aesthetics of the ‘perineum’ area between vagina and anus)
  • Clitoral hoodoplasty (correction of skin foldings over the clitoris)
  • Puboplasty (aesthetics of pubis)
  • Labia majora hypertrophy (fat or filler injection to large labia)
  • Labia majora reduction (reduction of labia majora)
  • G-Spot Augmentation (filler injection to G-spot, G shot ©)
  • Genital PRP applications (O-shot ©)
  • Non-surgical vaginal tightening (laser vaginal rejuvenation)
  • Laser bleaching therapy for genital area
  • Genital radiofrequency applications

Why is genital aesthetics important?

Congenital or acquired deteriorations occur with adolescence and aging on the vagina, labia majora, labia minora and genital area. Structural disorders that occur over time constitute aesthetic or functional disorders. This situation may cause a lack of self-confidence, psychological problems and sexual dissatisfaction in women.

Main objectives of genital aesthetic operations are to provide self-confidence in women for sexual aspects, to make them feel better in psychological and social terms, to correct deformations caused by aging or deliveries, to increase sexual pleasure and to gain orgasm function.

What are the most demanded genital aesthetics operations?

Globally the most commonly preferred genital aesthetics surgeries are: Labiaplasty (labia minora reduction) and Vaginoplasty (surgical vaginal rejuvenation) operations.

Labiaplasty is preferred when labia minora are;
- hypertrophic (larger than normal),
- sagged and wrinkled,
- dark-colored,
- asymmetric.

Long and sagged labium causes some complaints as difficulty in urination, feeling of pain due to tension in sexual intercourse, odor and frequent vaginal infection due to persistent exposure to moisture. The Labiaplasty operation has many psychological and functional benefits.

Clitoral hoodoplasty should also be added to labiaplasty operation if there are intense bulging, wrinkles and sagging on the clitoris skin. It will be possible to achieve the ideal aesthetic appearance only in this way. Otherwise extra skin tissue over the clitoral area would be disturbing. 

Vaginoplasty operations are performed in case of vaginal enlargement because of aging, delivery, forced deliveries, frequent sexual intercourse and abortions. Vaginal enlargement can lead to a decrease in sexual pleasure and a numbness problem in men and women during the intercourse. If there are cystocele, rectocele and inconsistency complaints, these are also corrected at the same session. All these conditions are a reason of complaint both in cosmetic and functional terms.

Genital aesthetics in Turkey

Surgical and non-surgical procedures of genital aesthetics increase women’s self-confidence and also sexual satisfaction. In Turkey and all over the world, especially in recent years, the use of internet and the spread of social media have caused women to pay more attention to their genital areas and consequently to increase in genital aesthetic operations. The field of genital aesthetics in Turkey is developed, and many foreigner patients apply to Turkey from abroad for different cosmetic operations. 

Hera Clinics are based in Istanbul, Ankara, and in Izmir (all in Turkey),and totally dedicated to female aesthetic genital procedures. Moreover, Hera Clinics are licenced in "Health Tourism" by Turkish Ministry of Health.  


In this section, you will find some of the hands-on aesthetic genital surgery (cosmetic gynecology) courses, trainings and meetings given by Assoc. Prof. Süleyman Eserdağ.

Assoc. Prof. Süleyman Eserdağ, MD
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Assoc. Prof. Süleyman Eserdağ, MDAssoc. Prof. Süleyman Eserdağ, MDCosmetic Gynecologist & Sexual Therapist
Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’
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