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Genital Whitening

Genital Whitening

Especially since the beginning of 2010, genital whitening treatments have started to be applied quite widely in women.

The purpose of genital whitening treatments is to lighten the darkened and blackened areas and give the area a bright, lively, pinkish, and bright appearance. Although it is known as "vagina bleaching treatments" or "vagina lightening" among people, the actual procedure is not whitening or lightening the vagina but lightening the color of the external genital area.

There are also different treatment methods to treat genital darkness and lightening the color. Questions such as "how to lighten the vagina, how to treat darkening of the genital area, what methods can be applied to lighten the color of the genital area" are frequently asked by our patients. Alternative methods applied for the treatment of genital area bleaching are discussed in this section.

What is genital hyperpigmentation?

“Genital hyperpigmentation” is the name given to color darkening in the genital area. Darkening may appear later or may pre-exist.

Genital hyperpigmentation may occur due to excessive exposure to the sun, smoking, birth control pills, medications such as cortisone, hormonal problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome, insulin resistance, or genetic reasons. Sometimes, discoloration of unknown causes can also be seen.

Genital hyperpigmentation can cause some psychological problems in people regarding esthetics. Laser and some chemical products are used most frequently in the enlightening and bleaching treatments of the genital area.

Laser treatments for vaginal bleaching treatments

Laser genital bleaching is the most used and with the best results in vaginal bleaching. Fractional CO2 lasers, Er:YAG lasers, and lasers with Q-Switch technology are frequently used. In patients who do not consider laser application, different treatments can be applied for vaginal bleaching.

Genital whitening treatments applied in our clinic in Turkey

There has been a rapid increase in patient demands for genital whitening in recent years. Patients who apply to our clinic for genital whitening are first subjected to a gynecologic examination. The reasons that may cause the color darkening are investigated. Afterward, whitening treatments are applied according to the size of the darkening. Genital whitening treatment methods in Turkey include fractional lasers, chemical solutions, PRP and some mesotherapy products. Patients can also be given solutions that they can apply on their own at home.

What are the genital whitening costs in Turkey?

Genital whitening costs in Turkey vary depending on the treatment method to be applied, the number of sessions, and the area's size. It would be helpful to contact by whatsapp to our clinic in Turkey (Whatsapp nr: +90 530 763 34 00). Fractional carbon dioxide lasers are used in laser genital bleaching treatments.

What are the genital whitening treatment methods?

Different treatment methods can be used for genital whitening. Some of these are products that can be applied and some that can be injected into the skin.

Some of the genital area enlightening treatment methods:

  • TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) solution
  • Different Chemical Agents
  • Ready-to-apply solutions
  • Mesotherapy products injected into the skin with an injector
  • Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion methods
  • Dermamelan intimate system
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid)

TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) is one of the widely used peeling agents, especially in dermatology. It provides rejuvenation under the skin with the destruction of the upper skin "epidermis". TCA is primarily used to treat wrinkles, actinic keratosis, melasma (pregnancy facial spots),lentigo simplex, and acne scars. It also has an anti-aging effect.

It can be applied in the genital area at a concentration of 20%. Its stay on the tissue for a long time increases the irritation, so the skin is washed after waiting for a while. There is a risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, that is, darkening of the skin, in case of long-term waiting. Therefore, it should only be applied by physicians.

TCA is a genital whitening treatment especially suitable for large areas of hyperpigmentation, including around the anus.

TCA ile Genital Bölge Renk Açma

Genital whitening with TCA. The acid-containing solution is applied to the genital area.

Different Chemical Agents Used in Genital Bleaching Treatment

Lactic acid

Lactic acid is an effective chemical agent for moisturizing, peeling, and lightening the skin. Thus, it also improves the quality of the skin.

Azelaic acid

It is antimicrobial and keratolytic. It has antioxidant and bactericidal properties.

Mandelic acid

Mandelic acid, on the other hand, has exfoliating, bactericidal, and moisturizing properties.

Chemical peeling applications can be made in 4-6 sessions every 15 days.

Advantageous aspects of chemical agents are that they can be used on all skin types, they can be applied to larger areas compared to laser, and there is no need for local anesthesia before the procedure. Patients can easily tolerate redness and peeling after the application.

Soap or creams should not be used for the first 24 hours after the procedure. Washing should only be done with water, and drying should be done with light touches without rubbing the area. Activities such as gymnastics and swimming should be postponed for 3-5 days. In this period, comfortable, cotton, and non-synthetic underwear should be preferred.

Ready, Applicable Solutions - Products that can be applied at home

While the genital area lightening treatments can be applied in the clinic, there are some products that patients can use at home.

Chloroacetic acid, kojic acid, rucinol, glutathione substances in the products that can be applied at home have lifting and bleaching properties. Ingredients such as papain, genistein, retinol (vitamin A),bisabolol, licorice extract have regeneration and soothing properties. For desired results, 4-6 sessions with 10-day intervals are recommended.

“Pink intimate” solution and “Happy Intim” cream are very effective for the treatments, especially after the laser application. They can be used in underarms, nipples and pubic area as well.

Mesotherapy Injections

Mesotherapy drugs containing vitamin C, glutathione, and tranexamic acid can be injected into the skin with fine mesotherapy needles. In order to achieve the desired color change, 3-5 sessions of application at 10–14-day intervals are required.

Mezoterapi ile Genital Bölge Beyazlatma

Genital area enlightening with mesotherapy. It can also be done in the same session with the laser.



Dermabrasion is the mechanical peeling of the deteriorated or hyperpigmented areas of the skin using a fast-rotating device. It is also used in the treatments of acne scars, wrinkles, and melasma.

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

Due to its growth factor content, PRP can be applied to the skin for both rejuvenation and lightening. However, the lightening effect is limited. Genital PRP can also be applied to the genital area for purposes such as increasing sexual pleasure and facilitating orgasm.

Are genital whitening treatments painful?

No. The procedures can be tolerated very easily. In patients who are very sensitive to pain, numbing creams can be applied before the genital whitening treatments.

Are genital area bleaching treatments permanent?

As long as the reasons that may cause color darkening continue, darkening may reappear over time. There is no harm in repeating the procedure every 1-2 years when patients want it.


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Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
Editor of the Book ‘Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery’
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